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What is being said about Lisa Miller & Pet Lovers© Book Series!

"Thank you for your participation in and support of the Second Annual Showdown at Bigtown Flyball Tournament hosted by the North Texas Sharpshooters Flyball Club. We all felt that the event was a great success, largely due to your participation and enthusiasm. The event brought in 293 competitors and 560 adult members of the public for the weekend."
-Deanna Blackwell, North Texas Sharpshooters Flyball Club - Plano, Texas

"I was so glad I stumbled upon this book - it looks great and that's one less Christmas pressie to worry about! All 23 of my dogs are looking forward to some yummy eats - the inside ones watch 'Jennie's bakery treats' on the TV show Providence, so they are expecting me to cook up something similar for them!!! Thanks again, Cheers, Lee."
-Lee Parker - Western Australia

"My dog Woofie had been in liver failure for eight months. He wouldn't eat anything, until I made the meatballs recipe in her book, Pet Lovers Canine Cookbook. And he ate them like crazy."
-Gail Cain - Texas

"I will host a dog party! There will be a whole lot of sniffing going on for sure, but it will be a great way to get to know some of the neighbors."
-Dawn Geisler - Texas

"What a great gift for any dog lover! My "babies" especially love the cheese chompers."
-Dr. Billye Hansen - Oklahoma

"I am much more sensitive to the way I treat my dog, Callie, since reading Pet Lovers Crème de la Crème of Pet Living!"
-Amy Layton - Texas

"Pet Lovers Old West Doggie Travel Guide is a great companion guide to pet travel, making it easy, safe, and fun for your beloved pooch, and you too! P.S. Pioneer treats on the road are "awesome" according to my Oscar, the Dog!"
-Erica Kirk - Texas

"Absolutely "purrrfect" say my two precious kitties. They chomped away the Purrringly Good Shrimp Feast, and begged for more!"
-Laura Boulware - Texas

"Hi! I'm so happy that I'm the high bidder on this cookbook!!! I can't wait to get it. I love making my dog treats. I usually use diabetic recipes, so this will be perfect for us. Thanks again! Holly Slusser."
-Holly - Utah

"Wonderful cookbook for the kitties!"
-T.L. Palmer-Roby - Lancaster, PA.

"Great Pet Lovers Feline Cookbook!! Thanks!"
-Linda O'Nele - Wheat Ridge, CO.

"Nice pet travel book, featuring a Chow Chow! Thank you!"
-T.L. Palmer-Roby - Lancaster, PA.

"You can hear in Lisa's voice how much she loves dogs and cats when she talks about them. She has been pet sitting my dogs Beau and Annie for me since 2007. Which has allowed me to have a more flexible schedule and never have to worry because I know they are in the very best of care."
–Betsy Ladely, Denton Texas Humane Society Lifetime Member

"Dear Lisa, Thank you very much for the love and care that you offered my kitty cats while we were on vacation. It's wonderful, the job you do. I appreciated the check in calls. We will be repeat customers for sure!"
–Traci Dickson - Lantana, TX

"Lisa Miller has heartwarmingly captured the true essence of a Petie. She reminds us of how special our furry friends are. It's a celebration of dogs and cats and our relationship with them. If you are a true pet lover this is a must read!"
–Betsy Ladely, Denton Texas Humane Society Lifetime Member

"OH MY GOSH!! Yesterday as I was shopping for items to include in a closing basket for my clients who just bought a new home, your Pet Lover's Canine Cookbook caught my eye. I was looking for pet items for my clients (they have a Great Pyrenees whom they adore!!), but because of the blonde Chow Chow on the front, I decided to keep the book for myself. As I began to thumb through the pages and see the other pictures of Bear, I just couldn't believe it! There was my precious Maverick! Maverick is my blonde Chow Chow that looks almost exactly like Bear!!! In fact, I am convinced that they may be from the same family since Lisa is a Texas girl! We got Maverick from the Dallas area. Of course I grabbed the book and immediately called my hubby!!! I can't wait to try some of these recipes for my crew! We have 6 dogs total, 2 of them being Chow Chows. My bond with Maverick is so strong. I love him so much. I just felt like I needed to contact Lisa about the amazing similarities between Bear and Maverick!!! Even my husband couldn't believe it! I'm going to check out more of the website and Lisa; I hope to talk to you soon!!!"
–Lynn Gatlin - Corsicana, TX

"I picked up one of your books at Southridge Animal Hospital and just love it! I know I'll be doing some Christmas shopping on your site. It's great that you are right here in my home town, too!!"
–Carolyn Schnied - TX

"I have a small Barkery for dogs with accessories and unusual dog items, some cat, too! I love to sell Lisa's cookbooks and have many repeat customers asking for more of them!!"
–The Barkery-K9 Cafe - Fort Pierce, FL

"I enjoyed watching you on Fox 4. I loved the Bagel Barkers recipe. I will be baking these for my dog. Thanks!"
–Debbie Romero - Midlothian, TX

"I host dog training parties in Alaska. Your website was great help! Thanks."
–Chelsea Daun - Alaska

"This is so much fun! I love your dog products."
–Darlene Dupont - Bowie, MD

"Lisa has spent much time and love putting together her book series. She really loves these furry friends and would give her all for them and has. You go girl. :)"
–Suzan Witherell - Highland Village, TX

"I love the site. I also love to see so much fun stuff for our furry babies :)"
–Ramona Laird - Denton, TX

"I love these books! Lisa's love of animals is evident on every page. I especially appreciate that each recipe was OK'd by a vet to make sure that they were absolutely healthy for my cat and dog."
–Dawn Geisler - Flower Mound, TX

"Love your site! It's easy to navigate. I continue to use your cookbook and have given several as gifts. People love them!"
–Dr. Billye Hansen - Edmond, OK

"I just love your books, especially the influence you got from owning a Chow Chow. Keep up the hard work!"
–Dale Stanway - UK

"You're books are awesome! I wish you well in your endeavors."
– Anne L - Dallas, TX

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