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Lisa Miller, Bio (Images & Media Kit)

Lisa Miller, The Pet Fun Expert™ is the owner of Biscuits 'N leading the way toward the crème de la crème of pet living. Lisa is a celebrated published author, entrepreneur and professional pet sitter. She is known for her Signature System… The 8-Step Pet Joy System™. Lisa is dedicated to helping you and your pets achieve the highest level of feel-good experiences.

When Lisa was a young girl she discovered a deep love and connection with dogs and cats. She lives in Texas with her two Golden Retrievers Prince and Jessie.

Lisa Miller coined the phrase Petie™ in 1998. A Petie is Lisa's trademark term of endearment for pet owners who cherish their pets, treat them like family and give them a happy forever home. Peties believe having a family pet is a lifetime commitment.

Contact information for Author, Lisa Miller

PMB 212
2436 S. I-35 East
Suite 376
Denton, TX 76205

Lisa's New Book

Lisa has published an official Peties guide titled, The Official Petie Handbook. It is a must for the ultimate dog and/or cat owner. Lisa states, "Foodies have their term of endearment, now we as ultimate pet lovers have our own term of endearment!"

Media & Appearances

Lisa has been recognized by the media such as Fox Good Day, Animal Planet, The Denton Record Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News, Denton Business & Community News, The Dallas Market Center Source, Texas Cable News and Petropolitan Magazine.

Lisa appears at special events and book signings to raise money to help animals in need. Lisa's books are widely distributed and sought by pet lovers wishing to provide their pets an enhanced life. Member: Texas Coalition of Authors


  • The Dallas Morning News - Recipes for pets fill the pages of Denton author's cookbooks
  • Petropolitan Magazine - Put the Treats in " Trick or Treat!"
  • Petropolitan Magazine - Book feature
  • Playbill - Assistant Producer of Bourbon Street Blues

PetieNation.TV is a Hit!

Lisa Miller is in her element. She is the creator and producer of the hit show PetieNation.TV. Her show attracts a large tribe of Peties.

Lisa states, "What sets PetieNation.TV apart is the larger-than-life Peties™ and their pets featured on the show. I'm not the star, they are! The colorful characters we pick are the real stars of the show. Audiences will remember fan-favorites. There is nothing like a heartwarming story with a happy ending. Guest's share how they have fun with their pets and how their pets enhance their life and bring them comfort, joy and companionship.

Stories are important because they connect us. It makes you relatable and it helps people to see that you are like them and that you get them, because you have had similar experiences to them. People have a deep desire to connect, they want to know about you, they want to find that similarity, relatability and connection.

I, as the producer, and my roving reporters interview pet lovers and tell their enchanting stories. It is an honor when people open their homes and their hearts to us. The viewers see themselves in the people that are featured. The audience cares about them and wants the best for them. They can relate to the stories. Everyone has a story to tell. We all have a right to be heard and listened to.

Our viewers love information, solutions to common pet problems, innovative pet products, advice, hot news and trends. Ultimately, the success of PetieNation.TV is based on the emotional connections that are made. Tune in and see all the tokens of love from people like you who cherish their pets and treat them like family. We love turning Peties and their family pets into Celebrity Stars."

With the Petie brand flourishing, Lisa is parlaying that opportunity to expand her ambitions:

1. I would love for PetieNation.TV to be picked up by a major cable network. It is a natural fit for OWN or Animal Planet or Discovery or National Geographic or Lifetime or Travel or History Channel or TLC or Disney.

2. Kid Peties™, a series of educational books on crème de la crème of pet living with corresponding play dates designed to connect children who share their interest. Kids love pet adventures. Kids just want to have fun. It's a fabulous way to encourage a sense of compassion and responsibility toward the role and place between pets and people to our younger generation.

3. Are you listening ABC Executives? I have a great idea for a new show from your franchise Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Drum roll please… Extreme Makeover: Animal Shelter Edition. Pet lovers would enjoy watching this show helping pets in need. Think of all the heartwarming stories that could be told. It makes my heart smile just thinking about it.

Lisa and Bear

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